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With our technical expertise, experience, methodology, and operational capacity, Deerpoint Group is uniquely qualified to solve your challenges. We are committed to being accountable for your outcome.

Our Programs for Specialty Crops:

Continuous Fertigation

DPG Continuous Fertigation® delivers nutrients to your crops with unmatched consistency and precision. The White Box™ continuously adjusts the feed rates of nutrients as required for all crops automatically. This is just one aspect of our complete turnkey nutrient program. Our program begins with a FREE ON-SITE CONSULTATION
 of your orchards, vineyards or row crops.

Micro Nutrients

The DPG M-Tek Series offers a versatile range of Micro Nutrients, from simple single nutrients to complex blends with up to seven micro nutrients, all developed with irrigation water quality in mind to ensure high plant availability. DPG's Grower Advisors assist in crafting specific micro nutrient plans, suitable for application via The White Box™ or as a grower applied solution.

Bloom and Foliar Sprays

DPG foliar fertilizers allow you to:
• Maximize nutrient application during periods of high plant demand
• Provide special nutrients required during bloom
• Give fast corrections for plant nutrient deficiencies at any time
• Spray free of chlorides, carbonates, or sulfates

Micro Irrigation Water Treatment

A comprehensive report, complete with recommendations, is drafted and presented to the grower along with a no-commitment proposal. The DPG program receives regular maintenance, tailored to the volume of irrigation water utilized, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. This encompasses periodic checks, chemical supplies, chemical injection rates, equipment upkeep, and progress reports.

Grower Applied Fertigation

The DPG advantage caters to growers eager to self-apply top-tier fertigation products, delivering superior, technologically advanced solutions with built-in line-plugging prevention for a hassle-free experience. This direct-application benefit is supported by unwavering assistance from Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and our laboratory experts who conduct thorough soil and plant tissue analyses, ensuring that the Deerpoint Advantage translates into optimal field results.

Food Safety Water Treatment

The importance of meeting food safety standards become more critical every day. Growing operations rely on leadership in food safety water treatment from the Deerpoint Group. Many western growers use DPG Continuous Chlorination® to control pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in their irrigation water from germination to harvest.

The bottom line? Unmatched precision, efficiency, and effectiveness for unparalleled profitability.​

Feel like you are losing control of your crop and soil?

We’ll take care of the technology, so you can take care of your business.

The White Box™ is proprietary to the Deerpoint Group. The hardware, software, composition of matter, and method of application are covered by dozens of patents.

We service direct to the growers! No distributors or middleman so you save money.

Boxes are operated and maintained by dedicated field service technicians with assigned territories and customers.

More than meets the eyes

The White Box™ is our answer to the “black box” concept. Technical excellence and innovation is represented in our White Box™ and has become our badge of honor. This unique program empowers growers to leverage its advantages without capital costs.

What The White Box™ truly embodies

The White Box™ merges advanced technology with precision. It features a state-of-the-art feed system delivering diverse nutrients, an intelligent (optional) pH-control system, and a remote computer system overseen by a Deerpoint Group (DPG) expert.

Dive Deeper into Precision

The White Box™ provides real-time insights into the current nutrient levels and designated nutrient goals. The nutrient goals can change and be adjusted in real-time based on day, week, season, water pH, and more. Experience the realm of precision and insights like never before with
The White Box™.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Plant Tissue Samples
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Frequently Asked Questions

Deerpoint DPG Group Continuous Fertigation® delivers nutrients to your crops with unmatched consistency and precision. But that is just one aspect of our complete turnkey nutrient program. A program that begins with a Free On-Site Consultation of your orchards, vineyards, or row crops.

The Deerpoint Advantage extends beyond the laboratory and deep into the field. Our team of scientists and grower advisors will analyze soil and plant tissue to ensure optimum results. And the White Box™ will be continuously adjusting the feed rates of nutrients as required for all crops automatically.

The bottom line? Unmatched precision, efficiency, and effectiveness for unparalleled profitability.

The “White Box” is a term we’ve adopted to represent the comprehensive technical expertise and intricate processes contained within its framework. Originating from its juxtaposition to the commonly known “black-box,” the White Box name underscores our commitment to transparency and efficacy. Our esteemed customers have recognized and appreciated its significance, reinforcing its position in our offerings. The White Box program is distinguished by its unparalleled capabilities. Notably, we have structured this program so that there’s no capital investment required by the grower, emphasizing our dedication to providing top-tier solutions without the upfront financial burden.

At Deerpoint Group, we understand the importance of timely support and guidance. When you express interest in our services, our commitment is to prioritize your needs. Reach out to us, and you can be confident that we will schedule your free consultation within the next 24 business hours. We value your time and aspirations, and our dedicated team is always poised to assist and provide you with the insights you seek as swiftly as possible. Your growth journey is paramount to us, and we ensure that our responsiveness reflects that ethos.

Absolutely, at Deerpoint Group, innovation and science drive our product creation. We take pride in formulating and manufacturing our own science-backed products, harnessing cutting-edge research and methodologies to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. It’s our unwavering commitment to foster innovation. Every inch of our 12-acre facility illustrates this commitment.

At Deerpoint Group, it’s our dedicated team of Grower Advisors who take the mantle of ensuring your crops receive unwavering care and constant monitoring. Armed with a wealth of expertise and a commitment to excellence, these advisors employ a blend of precision and professionalism in every aspect of their work. They’re not just about observing; they’re about understanding, adapting, and ensuring that every crop thrives under their watchful eyes. Their deep-rooted knowledge, coupled with our state-of-the-art technology, guarantees that your crops are in the most capable hands, nurtured for optimal health and yield.

At Deerpoint Group, we pride ourselves on our unique, tailor-made approach to determining a grower’s irrigation water treatment needs — in fact, we pioneered it. Our methodology is straightforward and has stood the test of time. When faced with irrigation water quality challenges, we dispatch an advisor to conduct a complimentary analysis on-site. Issues might range from emitter or microsprinkler plugging due to subpar water quality, to frequent filter back flushes, interactions between water and fertilizers leading to plugging, or even root intrusion on buried drip systems, among other concerns. We ensure you get the best solution for your specific problem.

The demands of plant growth and bloom periods necessitate vigilant care. With Deerpoint Group’s ready-to-use foliar sprays, you’re always prepared, as each product offers a comprehensive nutrient solution tailored for your crop’s specific needs. However, the number of applications can vary based on individual circumstances. We highly recommend consulting with our grower advisors. They will guide you on the optimal frequency of application, ensuring you receive the right nutrient boosts precisely when your crops need them. With our specialty foliars, you can promptly address any crop deficiencies and enhance overall growth.

Our Food Safety Program is designed to not only meet but surpass the evolving irrigation water food safety standards. With the recent, stringent criteria set by the LGMA in 2021, we engage collaboratively with our growers to cultivate a robust, science-driven approach to food safety in their cultivation practices. Rest assured, our DPG Continuous Chlorination® adheres to the utmost standards, ensuring an automated, cost-effective, and secure solution.

At Deerpoint Group, service excellence is at the forefront of our business ethos. Should you face any challenges, our dedicated professional team commits to responding and assisting you within 24 hours or sooner. Your seamless experience and satisfaction remain our top priority.

Our intuitive, real-time digital portal, accessible via, allows you to monitor any field under the DPG Continuous Fertigation® programs without physically being there. From current nutrient feed to tank levels, water pH and more, everything’s at your fingertips, both on desktop and mobile. Plus, if you need detailed overviews, you can dive into comprehensive reports for any specified time frame. We’ve streamlined the technology so you can concentrate on what’s essential: your business.

Still have questions? Reach out to us anytime.

DPG Education

Learn more about how the Deerpoint Group develops the science behind your crop’s success:


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Case Studies (TO DO)

Learn how we've helped growers

Case Study 1:
Almond Grower Transformation

At the heart of California's almond belt, a prominent almond grower was grappling with declining yields and inconsistent crop quality. Enter Deerpoint Group. By integrating our cutting-edge continuous fertigation system and leveraging our meticulously designed foliar sprays, the grower noticed a remarkable enhancement in the vitality and quality of their almond crops. Not only did their yields see an impressive surge, but the superior crop quality also commanded better market prices, driving their profitability. Furthermore, our advanced water treatment solutions ensured optimal water efficiency, achieving stellar crop results with sustainable practices.

Case Study 2:
Turning the Tide for Tomato Growers

A renowned tomato grower was faced with the dual challenge of dwindling crop yields and plummeting market prices. Deerpoint Group stepped in, weaving our expertise in water treatment solutions to ensure efficient and targeted nourishment for the tomatoes. Our continuous fertigation method, paired with our bespoke foliar sprays, provided the exact nutrient mix required at every growth stage. The outcome? Tomatoes that were not only plumper and juicier but also fetched better prices due to their enhanced quality. The grower's returns amplified, marking a remarkable turnaround in their fortune.

Case Study 3:
Strawberry Fields Forever Flourishing

One of the leading strawberry growers in the region was contending with challenges ranging from water inefficiencies to unpredictable crop yields. Collaborating with Deerpoint Group changed the trajectory of their cultivation story. By employing our unparalleled water treatment solutions, the grower was able to maximize water use efficiency, resulting in healthier strawberry plants. The dual power of our continuous fertigation and proprietary foliar sprays ensured that the strawberries received precise nutrients. With this precision the size, taste and color were enhanced.This not only resulted in significantly higher yields but also propelled the strawberries to fetch premium market prices.

Empowering California's Specialty Crops with Advanced Solutions. Deerpoint is dedicated to serving specialty crops across the state. Situated in Madera, the nexus of California's Central Valley, Deerpoint Group stands as a premier ag-tech leader. We're transforming the landscape with our innovative fertilizer and water treatment solutions, dedicated to serving specialty crops across the state. As industry thought leaders, we are not merely offering products — we are actively sculpting the future of sustainable agriculture for California's diverse and precious crops.

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Welcome to The Deerpoint Group , where modern agriculture meets innovative technology. Our mission is straightforward: to revolutionize the growing experience. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology with fertility expertise, we aim to empower growers with turn-key solutions tailored for the modern era. Numerous growers have already experienced significant yield enhancements and reduced operational stress by working with us.

But beyond technology, our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart. We understand the growing details of agriculture and strive to manage the complexities on behalf of our clients, allowing them to focus solely on their crops. Join us at DPG for an unmatched agricultural journey, optimized for growth and success. Let us grow your success!

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