Deerpoint Group – The science behind your crop’s success

Science you can see in our sophisticated White Box fertigation programs, capable of delivering up to 12 crop nutrients into the irrigation main line. All at the same time. With DPG’s advanced chemical technology, those crop nutrient combinations remain fully soluble and available to your plants, all without plugging your drip system.

The White Box is:

  1. A precision feed system composed of a series of pumps capable of feeding up to 12 different nutrients simultaneously.
  2. An automated pH-control system (if required by conditions)
  3. A complete computer system remotely controlled by a Deerpoint Group field technician who is highly skilled for this unique and proprietary application method.
  4. A unique and patented fertilizer technology which allows infinite combinations of injection and maximizes plant availability.

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The Choice is Clear

We can help to increase yields while lowering your total cost per acre with our combination of advanced hardware, exclusive software and proprietary products

But beyond our game-changing chemistries, The Deerpoint Group is also at work helping every farmer grow more sustainably with precision crop feeding technology that injects the right nutrients in the right quantities at just the right time. No waste. No guesswork. Just the best for your plants, delivered efficiently, economically and responsibly. Discover how our science can benefit your farm operation today.

The web portal – for a live look at your DPG Continuous Fertigation® program anytime, anywhere.

  • Nitrogen Level
  • Phosphorus Level
  • Potassium Level

We know your time is valuable. Our real-time digital web portal allows you to see any of your fields on the DPG Continuous Fertigation® programs anytime online.

You don’t have to travel to the field. Using a desktop or mobile device, visit and click ‘Login’ and sign on. You’ll see what nutrients are currently being fed, nutrient targets for that day/week/season, tank levels, water pH, and more.

Need more data? You can access a wide range of reports showing your program summary over any specified time frame. We take care of the technology, so you can take care of business.

DPG Continuous Fertigation®

The proper crop nutrients in every drop!

Deerpoint Group Continuous Fertigation delivers nutrients to your crops with unmatched consistency and precision. But that is just one aspect of our complete turnkey nutrient program. A program that begins with a free evaluation of your orchards, vineyards, or row crops.

DPG Grower Applied Fertigation

Putting the advantages of DPG specialty fertigation programs in growers’ hands.

DPG Grower Applied Fertigation gives growers access to Deerpoint Group’s science-based, high-quality liquid NPK and micronutrient fertilizers. Products proven to be highly available to a host of crops. With the flexibility of self-application.

DPG Bloom & Foliar Sprays

The right crop nutrients, right when you need them.

High plant demand and bloom require your utmost attention. With Deerpoint Group foliar sprays, you’ll stay ahead of the curve with no mixing needed. Each product is a complete nutrient package; economical and perfect for your crop’s conditions.

DPG Micro Irrigation Water Treatment

Comprehensive chemical programs. No more plugging. We do the work.

Deerpoint Group has a proven method for determining a grower’s irrigation water treatment needs. We invented it. Our process is simple, and it is tried and true. When a grower has a problem with irrigation water quality, we send an advisor out to perform a free analysis. The problem could be emitter/microsprinkler plugging due to poor water quality; filters that back flush too often; interactions with water and fertilizers that cause plugging; root intrusion on buried drip; to name a few.

DPG Food Safety Water Treatment

Sanitation of ag irrigation water to meet or exceed the latest industry metrics.

Our program keeps pace and exceeds the ever-changing irrigation water food safety requirements. The latest metrics from the LGMA and FSMA are the tightest standards yet. We actively participate with our growers to perfect a science-based culture of food safety in their growing operations. You can be sure DPG Continuous Chlorination® meets the highest standards with our automated, economical and safe program.