Since 1993 when the company was started, Deerpoint Group has provided chemical water treatment solutions for agriculture irrigation water. Originally based out of Fresno, CA, the company was founded and operated based on the philosophy of providing full service programs to the customer – all of the on-ranch work, including chemicals, material feeding, equipment maintenance, and reporting, is performed by DPG field service technicians. This unique approach coupled with superior product quality and patented delivery systems, set Deerpoint a part from day one.

The Central Coast vineyards of California were the initial market opportunity for our unique programs. With the invention and conversion of overhead sprinklers and ditch irrigation to micro irrigation drip systems, growers faced a new set of issues.  Problematic water quality and the interaction of this water with fertilizers resulted in plugged systems – that growers had to replace all too frequently.  Deerpoint Group solved the issue with our preventative maintenance/continuous chemical feed approach, and regular site visits by our field personnel.  The business expanded rapidly on the coast, from vineyards to their strawberry neighbors, and then to leafy greens sprinkler irrigation for pathogen bacteria control. The business expanded from the Central Coast to all other farming areas and all other crops in California and then into Arizona.

In 2009, DPG expanded its chemical technologies to include innovative fertilizers, micronutrients and foliar products including its patented “white box” and customer-applied fertilizers. The expansion was based on the same approach as had been successful for water treatment. We discovered that the precision approach we took in treating water was perfectly adaptable to fertilization. This resulted in explosive growth of precision-fed, patented fertilizers at customer irrigation system sites. The increased business meant a larger operational requirement, which led DPG to a larger warehouse facility where it custom built each chemical feed system for each customer site. The  company  moved  into  a 10,000 square foot facility in  northwest  Fresno  and  shortly thereafter another  10,000  square  foot facility down the street.

In 2015, the  company  acquired  a 12- acre  site  and  embarked  on  a large  construction project for the future site  of the  main  headquarters.  In  2016,  DPG  opened  its  doors  in  the new facility boasting 46,000 square feet of office  and  warehouse with  additional  20,000 square  feet of foundation ready to build out. The company has plans to continue on with two additional 18,000 square foot tank storage buildings on the property bringing the total under roof square footage to 102,000. Unique to the property is the 22-car rail spur capacity, and custom-built blending lines complete with storage tanks. The state-of-the-art laboratory houses all of the highly specialized analytical equipment and trained professionals to support our customers with soil, water and tissue analysis.

DPG’s tried and true R&D efforts continue to produce unique and innovative fertilizers, yielding spectacular results for growers and solidifying the company’s future as a leading  manufacturer of  the highest  quality,  effectively priced,  grower-friendly fertilizer solutions.

Stay tuned for the next chapter, as we continue to drive forward into the future!