The Proper Nutrients in Every Drop.

DPG Continuous Fertigation® delivers nutrients to your crops with unmatched consistency and precision. But that’s just one aspect of our complete turnkey program. A program that begins with a no-charge evaluation of your orchards, vineyards, or row crops.

The ‘white box’ – where the impossible happens.

The brain of the DPG Continuous Fertigation® program is our patented precision feeding ‘white box.’ Once installed at your operation, the white box becomes an on-site fertilizer plant, enabling our grower advisors and experienced field technicians to create and inject highly specialized nutrient and micronutrient programs that are impossible to achieve using the conventional “slug feed” approach of other fertilizing companies. We make adjustments to the nutrient program daily if required based on crop conditions and analytical data from our laboratory. Our ability to make changes quickly promises better economics (no overfed fertilizer) and delivers better yields and quality to our growers. Our service technicians make it happen immediately in the white box — all to help you benefit from optimum plant health, growth, yields, and profit.

We’ll take care of the technology. So you can take of care of your business.

DPG Continuous Fertigation® is designed to integrate with your existing operation, not to interfere with it. The “white box” comes at no charge to the grower. Our team of experienced technicians will handle everything, including:

  • Filling the tanks
  • Calibrating the white box
  • Documenting water and nutrient usage
  • Maintaining inventory records
  • Visually inspecting the crop
  • Collecting and analyzing tissue and soil
  • Immediately fine-tuning the white box outputs
  • Emailing weekly reports

The web portal – for a live look at your DPG Continuous Fertigation® program anytime, anywhere.

We know your time is valuable. Our real-time digital web portal allows you to see any of your fields on the DPG Continuous Fertigation® programs anytime online. You don’t have to travel to the field. Using a desktop or mobile device, log onto and click ‘Customer Login’ and sign on. You’ll see what materials are currently being fed, tank levels, water pH, and more. Need more data? You can access a wide range of reports showing your program summary over any specified time frame. We take care of the technology, so you can take care of business.

Deerpoint Group – Update. Innovate. Fertigate.

DPG Continuous Fertigation® delivers more than just nutrients:

  • Optimum Crop Yield
  • No labor for you
  • Maximized profit
  • Licensed Grower Advisors and Consultants
  • Crop-cycle specific nutrients
  • Custom nutrient injections with infinite combinations – all available to the plant and no plugging of the irrigation system
  • Immediate nutrient adjustments when needed

Goodbye “slug and hope” fertilizing. Hello, precision fertigation.

With Deerpoint Group’s patented DPG Continuous Fertigation® program, your crops get the best nutritional program available. Period. No waste. No guesswork. Just a steady supply of nutrients delivered to your plants in small, consistent amounts of with every irrigation.

Gone are the days of slug feeding and applying large amounts of fertilizers all at one time, hoping they’re picked up by your plants. Or are they washed out of the root zone or tied up in the soil? DPG Continous Fertigation® replaces the “slug and hope” approach with proven science.

  • Precision feeding to every plant, every time
  • On-Time, on-target delivery of materials appropriate for the crop cycle
  • Superior technology ensures consistent delivery for better uptake and yields
  • Maximum efficiency as crops receive just what they need, just when they need it
  • Clean irrigation systems with no plugging

The Deerpoint Advantage extends beyond the laboratory and deep into the field. Our team of scientists and grower advisors will analyze soil and plant tissue to ensure optimum results. And the white box will be continuously adjusting the feed rates of nutrients as required for all crops automatically.

The bottom line? Unmatched precision, efficiency, and effectiveness for unparalleled profitability.

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