Putting the advantages of DPG Specialty Fertigation and Foliar Programs in Growers’ Hands.

Custom DPG Fertilizer: backed by science, applied by you.


DPG Customer-Applied Fertigation™ gives growers access to DPG’s science-backed, high quality liquid NPK fertilizers – products proven to be highly available to a host of crops – with the flexibility of self-application.

dpg_a0002408_600Armed with DPG’s patented products, growers inject the nutrients into their fertigation systems, gaining all of the benefits of our years of science and experience paired with the assurance that what’s being applied is highly plant available and includes the most important nutrient attributes.

Plus, Deerpoint Group’s liquid fertilizers never clog irrigation systems, reducing employee time spent flushing hoses, replacing emitters, or splicing lines. And growers can benefit from DPG’s CCA expertise and recommendations to determine the timing and rate of application based on knowledge of their plant and soil needs. To maximize their production.


And our unique micronutrients have a proven track record of success. Making it easy and fast to correct deficiencies as they occur – maximizing yield and quality. All in formulations free of chlorides, sulfates, and carbonates.

DPG’s patented liquid fertilizers were developed based on years of research and application of the latest chemical technology. And we continue to innovate. Because many DPG nutrient products are formulated with our special line cleaners, they prevent plugging of irrigation systems at any feed rate concentration, with any water quality.

Drip IrrigationUse DPG Customer-Applied Fertigation™ to feed:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Micronutrients

You don’t have to be a major player to feed your crops like one.

DPG_OnionField_400No matter the crop – almonds, tomatoes, grapes, citrus, pistachios or onions, to name a few – and no matter the size of your operation, you’ll see the benefits that DPG chemical technology provides.

With DPG’s Customer-Applied Fertigation™ programs growers gain:

  • Access to DPG’s high-quality patented liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and foliars
  • DPG’s CCA expert recommendations
  • Grower friendly application approach
  • Highly available plant nutrients, no matter what the crop
  • No chlorides, sulfates, or carbonates

All backed by a state of the art lab facility dedicated to providing timely, tissue, soil, and water analysis for DPG customers.

DPG Macro & Macro/Micro Fertilizer Blends

DPG’s patented liquid specialty fertilizers. Unique material blends designed with high concentrations and for efficient application for all crop types.  All in highly available formulations free from chlorides, sulfates and carbonates, many formulations contain line cleaners that prevent plugging.

DPG Specialty foliars: the right nutrients, right when you need them.

dpg_mul5729_600DPG Specialty Foliars allows you to:

  • Maximize nutrient application during periods of high plant demand
  • Provide special nutrients required at bloom
  • Give fast corrections for plant nutrient deficiencies at any time
  • Spray free of chlorides, carbonates, and sulfates