Madera, California – In an outstanding safety achievement, Deerpoint Group has received Cal/OSHA’s Golden Gate Partnership recognition. With this special recognition, Deerpoint Group Inc. stands out as an industrial safety leader.

The Golden Gate Partnership Program was designed by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to provide opportunities for industries and establishments to work as partners with labor and Cal/OSHA Consultation Service. The goal is to implement and maintain high levels of workplace safety and health.  As of August 2019, the California Department of Industrial Relations website lists just 91 companies in all of California with the Golden Gate Partnership recognition, none with Deerpoint Group’s industry classification in fertilizer blending.

Deerpoint Group CEO John Miller commented, “I’m really proud of our safety team, Cal/OSHA is a great partnership for us, and this recognition just confirms how much we care about the health and safety of all our employees.”

Some of the noted exemplary Deerpoint Group Injury and Illness Prevention Program elements include an effective written safety and health program, effective procedures in place for identifying and evaluating workplace hazards including periodic inspections, and safety training and instruction to all employees.

As Deerpoint Group continues its leadership in safety programs, Gonzalez says, “The safety team is really motivated to continue our growth in safety and health programs for our employees and to do that, the team continually works to improve safety programs to meet the higher levels of Cal/OSHA certification. Our ultimate goal is reaching highly advanced health and safety systems.”

In 1993, Deerpoint Group started providing ag irrigation water treatment and continues its leadership today in irrigation and food safety programs. Our precision fed fertilizers with the automated DPG Continuous Fertigation® program are unique patented technologies, and along with DPG’s customer applied and foliar products, are providing growers across California and Arizona, the means to grow their success.

Picture: From left: Mujtaba Al Yousuf-Safety Coordinator, Mike Smith-Cal/OSHA Associate Safety Engineer, Daniel Gonzalez-Director of Environmental Health & Safety, John Miller-CEO, Maria Diaz-Safety Assistant