Continuous Fertigation

• Better Yields • Better Control • Higher Returns

Every Drop Precisely Delivers Accurate Crop Nutrients

Deerpoint Group DPG Continuous Fertigation® provides your crops with nutrients with unparalleled consistency and precision, and economics. Yet, that’s just the beginning of our comprehensive nutrient solution. We kick start our services with a Free On-Site Consultation of your orchards, vineyards, or row crops.

The Deerpoint Advantage goes beyond the lab and deep into the land. With our skilled team of scientists and grower consultants, we scrutinize plant health in the field, and the results of soil and plant tissue analysis to guarantee the best outcomes. Plus, the White Box™ consistently modifies nutrient feed rates as needed for all crops.

In essence? Peerless precision, efficiency, and efficacy leading to unmatched profitability.

The White Box™

With a playful nod to the mysterious workings of a “black-box,” the name White Box™ emerged. Our customers resonated with this catchy term, leading us to adopt it more formally. The White Box™ program stands unparalleled, with growers having zero capital investment to worry about.

But White Box™ is more than just its name.

It embodies:

  • A sophisticated feed system with multiple pumps, feeding up to 12 different nutrients at once.
  • An automated optional pH-regulation mechanism, activated based on conditions.
  • A comprehensive computer interface, remotely managed by a Deerpoint Group (DPG) field expert, specialized in this unique application method.
  • A real-time dashboard showing the nutrients being delivered, nutrient objectives for various time frames, inventory status, water pH, and more.

Our fusion of cutting-edge hardware, exclusive software, and proprietary products aims to boost yields and reduce your overall expenses per acre!

You won’t lift a finger. And you maintain complete control.  Your Grower Portal gives you real-time access to it all. After approving the process steps, we handle everything and update you continuously. We manage supply logistics and provide comprehensive records. Though we offer a full-fledged service, you stay updated through our Grower Portal. This portal ensures complete visibility, displaying inventory levels, water flow, nutrient objectives, fertilizer delivery rates, and target nutrient achievements.

DPG guarantees sample processing and analysis of soil, plant tissue, and water within a short 36-hour window. These samples are analyzed in our state-of-the-art laboratory situated in Madera, CA.

Anticipate prompt nutrient advice from our knowledgeable Grower Advisors. They consistently oversee field situations and crop vitality, ensuring your produce remains top-notch.

We supply you with detailed frequent reports for perennial crops and row crops to sustain ideal nutrient amounts in your crops.

Our swift adaptability ensures efficient use of resources (no nutrient excess) and yields superior results for our clients. Our technicians swiftly enact these changes within the White Box™, all aiming to ensure your crops thrive, resulting in maximum growth, yield, and profitability.

We’ll take care of the technology, so you can take care of your business.

The White Box™ is an exclusive offering from Deerpoint Group, with its hardware, software, materials, and application methods protected by a plethora of patents.

  • We cater directly to growers! Without any intermediaries or distributors, you get to save costs.
  • Our boxes are managed and maintained by specialized field technicians who are assigned specific areas and customers.

DPG Continuous Fertigation® is crafted to seamlessly blend with your current system without causing disruptions. Our seasoned technicians manage all aspects, encompassing:

  • Tank refills
  • White Box™ calibrations
  • Tracking water and nutrient consumption
  • Keeping inventory records
  • Overseeing crop conditions
  • Procuring and assessing plant tissue and soil samples
  • Digital adjustments to White Box™ outputs

Initiate your journey now and transform your irrigation filter station into an automated, stress-free fertilizer hub!

The Grower Portal – for a live look at your DPG Continuous Fertigation® program anytime, anywhere.

We recognize the importance of your time. With our instant online portal, you can monitor any of your fields enrolled in the DPG Continuous Fertigation® programs from wherever you are. No need to physically visit the site. Simply use a computer or mobile device to visit, click ‘Customer Login’, and sign in. You’ll get insights into every detail of the White Box™ operation at your ranch. Browse through an array of reports summarizing your program over your chosen duration. We handle the tech, leaving you to focus on your operations.

Deerpoint Group – Update. Innovate. Fertigate.

DPG Continuous Fertigation® offers beyond mere nutrients:

  • Peak harvest yields
  • Zero effort on your part
  • Amplified profits
  • Certified Grower Advisors and experts
  • Tailored nutrients for each crop cycle
  • Personalized nutrient mixes with endless possibilities – fully accessible to plants without clogging the irrigation
  • Swift nutrient modifications as required

Goodbye “slug and hope” fertilizing, Hello precision fertigation.

With the innovative DPG Continuous Fertigation® system by Deerpoint Group, your crops receive the top-tier nutrition they deserve. No excesses. No uncertainties. Just a consistent nutrient stream with each irrigation, ensuring the optimum growth of your plants.

Say goodbye to the outdated method of applying hefty fertilizer doses in one go and then hoping for the best. Wondering whether they get absorbed by your crops or simply drain away? DPG Continuous Fertigation® eliminates such uncertainties, replacing guesswork with tested methodologies.

  • Consistent nutrient delivery to every plant, every time
  • Timely and accurate provision of essentials tailored to the crop phase
  • Advanced technology ensuring regular feed for enhanced absorption and yields
  • Peak efficiency, giving crops exactly what they require, exactly when it’s needed
  • Irrigation systems that run to their maximum potential

The Deerpoint Edge doesn’t just end in the lab; it permeates the field. Our accomplished scientists and grower consultants scrutinize soil and plant tissue to guarantee the best outcomes. Moreover, the White Box™ dynamically adjusts nutrient delivery rates as needed for all crops, without manual intervention.

In essence? Peerless precision, efficiency, and efficacy leading to unmatched profitability.

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