The right nutrients, right when you need them.

Our unique micronutrients have a proven track record of success. Making it easy and fast to correct deficiencies as they occur – maximizing yield and quality. All in formulations free of chlorides, sulfates, and carbonates. And DPG is always innovating and developing new formulations to meet the ever-changing demands of western crops for micronutrients.

DPG M*TEK Ultra Series of Micronutrients

Micronutrients which concentrate on remediation of a specific micronutrient deficiency – optimally formulated for the fastest, most efficient result.


DPG M*TEK Series of Micronutrients

Micronutrient blends which contain a variety of individual micronutrient – tailored for a variety of crops and conditions – to supply the right combination of micronutrients at the right time for that crop. Products that are optimally formulated for the fastest, most efficient result.

DPG Foliar Sprays for Almonds, Pistachios, and Grapes

DPG Specialty Foliars allow you to:

    • Maximize nutrient application during periods of high plant demand
    • Provide special nutrients required at bloom
    • Give fast corrections for plant nutrient deficiencies at any time
    • Add high levels of carbon-based materials
    • Spray free of chlorides, carbonates, and sulfates