DPG CONTINUOUS CHLORINATION® – The food safety leader for ag irrigation water treatment

The importance of meeting food safety standards, more critical every day, can’t be emphasized enough. Growing operations rely on leadership in food safety water treatment from the Deerpoint Group. Many western growers use DPG Continuous Chlorination® to control pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in their irrigation water, from germination to harvest.

Our program keeps pace and exceeds the ever-changing irrigation water food safety requirements. The latest metrics from the LGMA adopted in 2019 are the tightest standards yet. We actively participate with our growers to perfect a science-based culture of food safety in their growing operations. You can be sure DPG Continuous Chlorination® meets the highest standards with our automated, economical and safe program.

With our patented DPG Continuous Chlorination® program, Deerpoint Group has provided services for western growers to irrigate within the industry’s tightest standards of food safety. We’ll determine your water treatment needs and provide weekly program documentation, including in-field residual testing. All in our patented, automated system, designed to give you real peace of mind. Our program is economical and safe, and extremely effective in controlling pathogenic bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. At the heart of the system is the unique continuous chlorinator that delivers low levels of non-gas chlorine directly into a pressurized irrigation system – an innovation so unique, it’s patented. It’s approved for use in both conventional and organic farming operations.

Expect outstanding customer service with our time-saving program that’s completely installed, monitored and maintained by Deerpoint Group

Our team of technicians will take care of everything from the initial installation to the weekly monitoring and servicing of the program – including inspection and treatment of reservoirs. We’ll document water use, program performance, and in-field results, and report to you each week. Science and service are what we do best, so you can focus on what you do best.

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