DPG Grower Applied Fertigation​

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DPG Grower Applied Fertilizer – Backed by Science, Applied by You.

Deerpoint Group’s Grower Applied Fertigation offers growers easy access to our scientifically formulated liquid NPK and micronutrient fertilizers. These high-quality fertilizers are designed for optimal plant uptake in various crops, allowing growers to apply them independently. Using DPG’s patented solutions, farmers can directly inject these nutrients into their irrigation systems, benefiting from our extensive research, expertise, and insights from Grower Advisors. Additionally, Deerpoint’s liquid fertilizers are engineered to prevent plugging in irrigation systems, reducing maintenance tasks like hose flushing or emitter replacement. Farmers also receive personalized advice on application timing and rates through our CCA proficiency, tailored to their soil and plant needs, all aimed at maximizing yields.


Rely on DPG Grower Applied Fertigation for essential nutrients:







Trusted by Growers

Regardless of the type of crop – be it almonds, pistachios, grapes, tomatoes, citrus, onions, or others – and irrespective of your farming scale, the excellence of DPG chemical technology is evident.

Our Deerpoint Group Grower Applied Fertigation programs offer growers:

  • Entry to Deerpoint Group’s elite, patented range of liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and foliars.
  • Expert advice from DPG’s Grower Consultants.
  • A user-friendly application process.
    Optimally available nutrients suited for any crop type.
  • Formulations free from chlorides, sulfates, and carbonates.

Further, our cutting-edge lab is committed to timely analyses of tissue, soil, and water, exclusively for the benefit of DPG customers.

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