Simple and effective irrigation water treatment programs

No more plugging

Deerpoint Group has a proven method for determining a grower’s irrigation water treatment needs. We invented it. Our process is simple, and it is tried and true. When a grower has a problem with irrigation water quality, we send an advisor out to perform a free analysis. The problem could be emitter/microsprinkler plugging due to poor water quality; filters that back flush too often; interactions with water and fertilizers that cause plugging; root intrusion on buried drip; to name a few.

Our process:

  • We immediately set up a NO-CHARGE site evaluation and send a Deerpoint Group representative to determine the exact problem.
  • Our technical representative evaluates the situation and collects water samples for analysis in our state-of-the-art laboratory, so we can quickly diagnose the problem(s).
  • We prepare a written report with recommendations and a no-obligation proposal for the grower.
  • We review the solution and our approach (our “program”) with the grower and obtain the grower’s approval.
  • The DPG program is then installed by our field service technicians. It includes equipment packages geared to precisely and continuously feed our solution.
  • The DPG program is maintained at frequent intervals, as required by the amount of irrigation water used, to guarantee the performance and the cost. This includes analytical monitoring, chemicals, chemical feed rates, equipment maintenance, and reports.
  • The entire program is managed by Deerpoint Group– allowing the grower to do what the grower does best – grow their crop.

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Ongoing maintenance. Quality assurance.

All of Deerpoint Group’s irrigation water treatment programs come with ongoing service to fill the chemical tanks, calibrate the feed pumps, monitor the water quality, and generally assure the performance of the programs.

DPG Continuous Chlorination®

All our DPG Continuous Chlorination programs are Chlorigate™ programs – chlorine precisely added continuously to irrigation water.

DPG Continuous Chlorination is a safe, effective, economical system for controlling algae, bacteria and other biological debris from plugging the irrigation system. It also controls root intrusion in buried irrigation systems.

DPG Continuous Chlorination is suitable for all organic farming applications.


CLEAR WATER prevents the build-up of deposits in the irrigation system. CLEAR WATER keeps filters, micro-sprinklers and drip emitters from plugging. CLEAR WATER is very effective against inorganic deposits resulting from poor water quality containing calcium, magnesium, carbonates, bicarbonates, iron, manganese, silica and silt. CLEAR WATER also aids in minimizing plugging when using fertilizers with poor quality irrigation water.


The BLUE WATER program controls algae in reservoirs and canals used for irrigation.

DPG Shock Chlorination®

DPG Shock Chlorination program is tailored to the specific biological problem plaguing a micro irrigation system. This program is designed to remediate significant build-up of algae, which cause emitter plugging and filter backflushing, and remediate problems caused by bacterial slime and other biological debris. Typical programs treat reservoirs, canals, wells and irrigation systems. DPG Shock Chlorination is also good for remediation of systems with plugging from root intrusion, as long as there is still some flow through an emitter.

DPG Shock Chlorination is suitable for all-organic farming applications.


CLEAR OUT is a program designed to remediate irrigation systems that have been compromised or plugged as a result of poor water quality due to alkaline waters. CLEAR OUT has also been successful in cleaning systems that have been plugged by the use of gypsum or certain other fertilizers.


CLEAR WATER Plus is a program that is specifically designed to treat irrigation systems that have significant problems due to the build-up of iron and/or manganese in the irrigation system.

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