All micronutrients are not created equal.

At Deerpoint Group, our track record of success and formulations don’t fit the mold. We break it. DPG unique micronutrients provide the best outcomes and quality. Our formulations will go to work fast to correct any crop deficiencies discovered. Your yields will be maximized for greater profitability. We’re always monitoring conditions and innovating with new formulations because we understand growing environments can change quickly. As always, Deerpoint Group micronutrients are free of chlorides, sulfates, or carbonates.

DPG M*TEK Ultra Series of Micronutrients

Specific crop deficiencies are no match for this special formulation. These micronutrients are targeted to meet the necessary requirements of your crop. With DPG, you get a fast and efficient result.

DPG M*TEK Micronutrients

Crops and conditions vary. You can expect the best combination of micronutrients to quickly improve the health of your crop at the right rate, right time from the right source to grow optimally.

DPG Foliar Sprays for Almonds, Pistachios & Grapes

During periods of high plant demand, applying the proper micronutrients are critical. With DPG foliar sprays for almonds, pistachios, and grapes, your bloom application will never be better. DPG micronutrients will heal any crop deficiencies and put you on the fast track for maximum yields.