Beyond Superior Chemical Technology from the Deerpoint Group

DPG Potassium PlusÒ is the industry’s most unique and highly concentrated source of potassium and is unparalleled. In fact, our product is the highest form of potassium, 42% as K20, that provides your crop with the most readily available potassium. You will not find any harmful chlorides or Sulphur additives in DPG Potassium Plus®. We also add 40% carbon-based, organic material to support the soil structure. You receive a formulation that supercharges your crop’s growing environment from the soil to plant uptake — resulting in an increased nut, fruit, and vegetable size.

When putting it all together: the right rate, right time, right place, and the right source, DPG Potassium Plus® will support your soil and your crop extremely well all year long. You’ll receive the yield and profitability you’ll be proud of.

A Potassium Formulation for Your Success

Potassium deficiency inhibits outstanding yields.

Apply DPG Potassium Plus® to most tree, vine, and row crops through our “white box” or DPG Customer-Applied Fertigation™ programs in post-harvest to ensure your crop is set up in early season or during the growing season for the best possible fruit size.

DPG Potassium Plus® never goes on ‘hot’ and will not burn. You’ll never have to worry about adding salt to your soil. You get the most highly available formulation of potassium, for the right time, from the right source, Deerpoint Group.

For nut and fruit trees use DPG Potassium Plus® on almonds, pistachios, citrus, walnut, olive and avocado trees. For vines – grapes and kiwi. For row crops – tomatoes, melons, onions, berries, carrots, and peppers.

For further irrigation recommendations and application rates, contact a DPG Grower Advisor.

DPG Potassium Plus® can be applied through all types of irrigation systems.

With DPG’s Customer-Applied Fertigation™ programs growers gain:

  • Access to DPG’s high-quality patented liquid fertilizers, micronutrients, and foliars
  • DPG’s CCA expert recommendations
  • Grower friendly application approach
  • Highly available plant nutrients, no matter what the crop
  • No chlorides, sulfates, or carbonates

The Process

Request a free consultation with a DPG Grower Advisor about DPG Potassium Plus® today.

  • We’ll listen to you and your requirements.
  • Test your soil, tissue, and water at Deerpoint Group’s state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • Provide you with a report and recommendation to put you on the path to greater yields and profits.
  • DPG’s full customer service extends to full-time support from Grower Relations, Fertigation Field Techs, Data Analysts, and continuing lab support through monthly tissue sampling during the growing season.
  • We’ll help you improve your soil structure, tree health, and to keep your irrigation system clear of impediments.
  • We take a continuous seasonal approach to your crop’s nutrient requirements.

Go with the leader – Deerpoint Group– Request a consultation and let us grow your success.

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