DPG Potassium Plus

• Better Yields • Better Control • Higher Returns

An Advanced, Patented Formulation for Reliable Potassium Nutrition

DPG Potassium Plus™ provides soluble and readily plant-available potassium for nuts, grapes, and other permanent crops, and for row crops. It prevents deficiencies when applied throughout the season. And corrects in-season deficiencies swiftly for a safe and flexible application. DPG Potassium Plus™ provides 28.3% K₂O in a high concentration formula with a carbon-based anion to promote better soil health. DPG Potassium Plus™ is safe for all crops, providing the grower with the confidence to remediate in-season deficiencies without the worry of crop damage or accumulating undesirable salts in the soil and the plant tissue.
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DPG Potassium Plus™: 28.3% as K₂O (derived from potassium formate) ​

This graph demonstrates the solubility of potassium formate—the potassium material in DPG Potassium Plus—compared to other potassium fertilizer materials.

Most Available Potassium

DPG Potassium Plus™ is completely soluble to maximize plant update and the efficiency of the potassium—the most soluble of any potassium fertilizer.


DPG Potassium Plus™ contains over 26% carbon material to improve soil conditions. No undesirable salts will accumulate in your soil.

with Confidence

The advanced formulation of DPG Potassium Plus™ allows for higher amounts of potassium to be applied without the risk of phytotoxicity.

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